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Forum Topics

  1. IBSP Classifieds & Adverts: Product and service offers or promotions from IBSP members. Non-commercial listings. You can post your own advertisements here. Furthermore you could also introduce your own products and services. Can be viewed by anyone.
  2. IBSP Jobs and Resumes: Post job offers and resumes at this forum. If you are posting a job listing please include location. If you are posting your personal resume, attach formal CV. Both job and resumes are publicly visible, however contact information will only be seen by other approved members.
  3. IBSP Tenders and Quote Requests: This forum contains price quote requests and tender announcements. Post any business opportunities or request for quotes at this section. Tenders and Quote request forum is private and can be accessed by other members only.
  4. IBSP Partnerships and Introductions: This forum is especially created for members to introduce themselves or to post partnership or knowhow exchange request. Meetings can also be organized through this forum. Information posted to this forum is not visible to visitors.
  5. IBSP Suggestions and Involvement: This forum is for members who wish to contribute to IBSP by sharing ideas, reporting issues, asking questions etc. If you have questions to ask, problems to report, or other feedback to give about the IBSP platform this is the place.
  6. IBSP Assembly and Initiatives: Open for executive members and board discussion only, cannot be accessed by other members or visitors. Topics must relate to IBSP initiatives, events and conferences such as organization of new meetings, endorsement and patronage request evaluations etc.

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