The International Bureau of Service Providers (IBSP) is an organization that protects and promotes the interests of its members through networking, dialogue and partnerships. IBSP accepts award winning "associations, organizations, societies, government bodies and educational institutions" and their representatives as members.

Membership Benefits
  1. Endorsement and patronage of events organized by members.
  2. Opportunity to take part in conferences, meetings and networking events organized by the IBSP.
  3. Recognition and promotion through IBSP communications including IBSP website, newsletter, member index and reports.
  4. Ability exchange private contacts and participate in an international forum provided by the IBSP.
  5. Ability to use and integrate IBSP member logo as a part of your communications.

Membership Structure

Organizational structure of the IBSP is divided into two branches: Executive Branch and Member Branch. Executive Branch, also called the Board of IBSP is an elected branch that is responsible for accomplishing the mission of the IBSP with the help of the Member Branch. Applications are open for both Executive and Member Branch of the IBSP. Based on A’ Design Award winner status, A’ Design Awards could apply for both Executive Branch and the Member Branch free of charge. Furthermore, there are no yearly fees from A’ Design Award winners.


Membership to IBSP is by invitation, and is furthermore subject to fees and board approval. If you are interested in membership, you could apply for “prospective membership status”. Application fee for membership is non-refundable if your application is rejected. The first year membership fee is waived for approved applicants. To apply for “prospective membership status”, applicants are needed to pay the “prospective membership fees” and fill the “prospective membership form” which will be send upon request. Members, who wish to renew their membership, are required to fill the “membership renewal form” which could be requested from the IBSP secretary.

Members who are accepted to the organization could use and integrate the IBSP member logos to their communications. You can use the IBSP Member mark on email signatures, online profiles, websites or printed material such as resumes or business cards to promote your membership in IBSP and your professionalism.

The IBSP Member Icon is an IBSP member benefit and should not be shared with others who are not IBSP members. The purpose of the IBSP membership logo is to highlight that you are part of a larger professional group representing best practices in the industry. The logo could potentially provide further authority and trust for your organization since being a member of IBSP could empower your consumers, audience and clients to reach you easier.

International Bureau of Service Providers Members are presented the IBSP Membership Certificate personalized to their names. The IBSP Member Certificate could be exposed in your office to highlight that you are a member in good standing of the International Bureau of Service Providers.

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